We're here to help you sync inventory across different stores with ease.  

Kriang Khanijomdi

With over 7 years experience building jaw-dropping websites and ecommerce platforms, Kriang leads the tech side of Syncio. Aside from riding bikes in picturesque destinations, Kriang is passionate about providing incredible experiences for customers everytime they use Syncio. 

Jimmy Zhong

On a duo-misson to build the best real-time inventory sync solution and to perfect a handstand. Maybe one day Jimmy could do both at the same time? He is passionate about helping people and businesses fulfill their potential. Jimmy has previously founded two other startups and worked as a management consultant in a previous life. 

Syncio exists to help businesses spend less time on inventory and more time on growing their business. We question why it is so manual, complex, and expensive to sell and promote your products on other stores and channels. We are a small but passionate team commited to providing you the best experience selling your products across multiple channels. 

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