About us

Syncio is a platform that makes e-commerce easier by helping retailers and brands scale as they grow. Syncio helps syncing inventory across multiple stores in real-time, so you don’t sell something you can’t deliver!

Who we are

We make it easy for e-commerce merchants to share stock to list and sell across multiple online shopfronts.

Syncio began as an internal tool for another startup called Ethi, an ethical fashion marketplace looking to build the biggest curated collection of ethical brands in the world. It quickly ran into trouble when managing multiple brands through CSV files and constantly overselling due to outdated stock. Syncio was built to automate the listing, inventory management, and order management for Ethi.

When we solved a collaboration issue with Ethi, we realised that most merchants have the same issue with sharing and managing inventory, product listings, and orders across multiple online shopfronts. So we made Syncio available to anyone, to make the most impact that we can. We are a small but mighty team looking to build the next stage of commerce: Collaborative Commerce.

Our values

Our values guide how we behave as custodians of Syncio as well as who we are as individuals. We have a manic obsession about building a culture of high performance and high integrity people. We aim to be the best company to work for in the world

We are passionate, motivated, and inspire. We have a high threshold and stamina for challenges. We have a deep reservoir of grit to tap into.

Show don't tell
We value action over debate. We reason from first principles, have robust discussions based on objectivity, and act decisively.

Growth mindset
The journey is more important than the destination. We view every situation as an opportunity to learn, especially if we get things wrong. We value giving and receiving feedback.

Team first
We succeed (or fail) together. There's no team without trust, and we build an environment where psychological safety is paramount. We are building a champion team rather than a team of champions.

EQ before IQ
We act with empathy. We solve problems at a logical and emotional level, because what we do fundamentally impacts how people work.

Clear communication
We're succinct, candid, and considerate. We listen more than we talk. We talk to people directly about issues, are articulate in presenting our views, and communicate for win-win outcomes.

Customer driven
Without customers, all we're doing is a hobby. Every decision and piece of work we do must benefit the customer.

Our Team

Jimmy Zhong
Founder & CEO

On a duo-misson to build the best multi-store sync solution and to perfect a handstand. Maybe one day Jimmy could do both at the same time? He is passionate about helping people and businesses fulfill their potential. Jimmy has previously founded two other startups and worked as a management consultant in a previous life.
Fei Kwok
Technical Lead

Passionate system builder and designer, who loves translating wild imaginations into a single button. Through various industry experiences across different roles, Fei has realised his passion lies in the ever changing and fast paced world of Ecommerce. Together with the team at Syncio, Fei is ready to bring the industry to the next level.
Camilla Moi
Product Designer

Growing up, Camilla always knew that she wanted to help others succeed. After graduating with a health science degree, she found that her passion actually lies in design. She is obsessed with creating easy-to-use digital products, and often sweats the details when it comes to shipping user experiences. She also loves hiking, photography, and a good cup of Melbourne coffee!
Chief Fun Officer

Samboy is dead serious about making sure everyone on the team has fun outside of producing breathtaking software and enhancing customer experience. His forms of fun include cuddles, fetch, and belly rubs, which have all proven to be highly effective. Has been known to sleep on the job though.