If this sounds like a role that you'd be great in, please send us an email at info@syncio.co with your resume and cover letter (cover letter can be in email). 


  • Strong experience with 'lean startup' methodology
  • Strong experience with AARRR metrics 
  • Strong analytically 
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills 
  • Advanced users of major social media platforms relevant to SMEs



  • You've demonstrated that you have been able to achieve great ROI on past growth initiatives
  • Have grown large audiences on major social media platforms 
  • You have a growth mindset and believe that nothing is impossible 


​​This role is perfect for someone who wants to do meaningful work for a fast growing startup. Have a direct relationship with thousands of merchants. Work directly with the CEO on growing Syncio and improving our community.


  • Top of funnel growth marketing such as advertising, SEO, email marketing, retargeting, etc. 
  • Creating engaging and educational content to new and existing customers whether it be through case studies, social media posts, etc. 
  • Promoting and engaging the Syncio community by lowering the barriers for Syncio users to work with each other and the Syncio team. This could be in the form of opening up channels such as a FB group for collaboration. 
  • Measuing and optimising Syncio's viral coefficient. 





Syncio is on a mission to take commerce to its next stage - Collaborative Commerce. This is a world where merchants can seamlessly partner with other merchants to cross-promote and sell each others products, where merchants can grow together. 

We have spent the last year proving collaboration creates value - helping merchants sync inventory across shopfronts whether it be to other merchant shopfronts or to expansion shopfronts. Syncio now has 2,500+ online merchants with some high profile customers such as Volcom, GAP, and Kookai. Syncio processes over $25m in product value and 1,000,000+ inventory updates a month. 

Ecommerce as an industry will accelerate 5 years in the next few months. We have huge goals for 2020 - do you want to be a part of that?

Growth & 

Community Lead