Distribute your inventory across
multiple stores without the headaches

Inventory Sync

Import products and never worry about overselling. Syncio provides real-time inventory updates.

Product Settings Sync

Sync product information including images, prices, tags, descriptions, and more.

Order Sync

Push orders to your supplier for fulfillment. Syncio will update fulfillment and tracking.


Syncio auto-sorts orders and calculates commissions no matter the number of stores you sell from.

Sync Inventory seamlessly

Inventory synced on the stores your customer shops on

Your inventory is updated in real-time to all connected stores.

  • Import thousands of products within minutes to your store
  • Map products by inventory-only if products already exist across stores
  • Inventory updates across connected stores within seconds
Sync product attributes

Update product information once for all of your connected stores

Have new variants or images to add to your product? Make that update in your source store and Syncio will sync it across to all connected stores.

  • Toggle on and off what product information you would like to sync
  • Over 17 syncable product attributes and counting
  • Available with the product settings add-on with your base plan
Push orders for easy fulfillment

Orders forwarded directly to the store that fulfills and ships

Syncio can send orders made on your expansion or partner stores back to your source store to fulfill in one location!

  • Set orders to automatically forward to the source store to fulfill centrally
  • Set custom shipping rules to include the shipping rate on push orders
  • Available with the order sync add-on with your base plan

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Products Synced

Use Cases


Suppliers use Syncio to distribute their products to retailers and marketplaces. Use Syncio to increase your brand reach and sales.

Retailer / Marketplace

Retailers and marketplaces use Syncio to increase their brand and product catalogue, offering a more diverse and up-to-date shopping experience for their customers.

Multi-store Expansion

In demand in new markets? Opening expansion stores in new countries or selling wholesale just got much easier to manage through Syncio.

Benefits of using Syncio

Prevent overselling

Inventory is synced in real-time across all connected stores so that customers only purchase what is in stock.

Bulk import inventory

Want to avoid CSV file uploads? Use Syncio to easily bulk import products across stores with a few clicks.

Save time manually updating product attributes

Adding a new size or updated copy for a product description? Don’t waste extra time updating this to all of your connected stores. Syncio can sync the updates for you.

Centrally manage your orders

It can get complicated managing your orders across different stores. Syncio can forward all orders back to your source store to centrally fulfil.

Scale your expansion without increasing admin time and costs

On average it takes 1 hour to manually upload 30 products to your store. It takes even more time to update inventory across all of your stores. Syncio gives you back this time to grow and expand.

Map existing products by inventory

Just need to map products by inventory because they have already been imported and updated in the destination store? We have you covered!

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