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Source Store


Syncio is free for the source store that holds the master inventory to be synced across to expansion stores or partner stores (retailers, marketplaces, etc.)

Destination Store

From $0/mo

Each expansion or partner store goes on a priced plan. Plans are based on the number of products you want to sync.

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Destination Store Pricing

Pricing is based on the total amount of products you need to sync
UP TO 25 products


Free access to Add-ons
Orders Sync: Up to 5 orders/mo
Up to 5 payouts/mo
Product Settings: Auto-remove variants

More information here


26 to 100 products synced



Up to 500 products synced



Up to 1000 products synced



Up to 3000 products synced



Up to 5,000 products synced



Up to 10,000 products synced

Need to sync more than just inventory?

Add-ons to your base plan
*Shopify only

Product Settings

+ $19/mo

Sync the full range of product details including title, images, price, variant, tags, and more.

Order Sync

+ $22/mo

Push unlimited orders to the Source store for easy fulfilment and tracking.


+ $9/mo

Create unlimited payouts that calculates commissions and revenue splits for synced orders.

Are you a Shopify Plus merchant needing to sync high volume?

Syncio Plus is perfect for a Shopify Plus merchant needing to sync high volume orders and product updates faster.
Go beyond the Shopify API call limit (4 updates/second) with Syncio Plus.
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Feature Breakdown

Feature List
Base Plan
Base Plan
+Product Settings
Base Plan
+Order Sync
Base Plan
+Product Settings
+Order Sync
Syncio Plus
Unlimited Source store connections
Import products
Real-time inventory sync
Ongoing sync of product attributes
Forward orders to Source store
Customer Support
Dedicated Servers
Increased Shopify API call limit

Frequently asked questions

Is there a free trial?

Yep! It's a 14-day free trial and includes all features. If you need more time, just let us know.

Who pays for Syncio?

Only the Destination store pays a subscription. Source stores will run on a free plan.

Why do i have to select a plan when i first install?

When installing you'll need to select a plan to continue to your free trial. Don't worry, you won't be charged until the end of the 14 days.

What if I need to sync more products?

You can upgrade or downgrade / switch plans at any time. Just go to the Manage Plan tab in your Syncio dashboard to make a change to your current plan.

Can i cancel my account any time?  

Yes. If you ever decide that Syncio isn't right for you business all you need to do is uninstall the app from your store.

What counts towards my sync limit?

We count products (not variants). So if you have 100 products, each with 5 variants, you would need our basic plan that allows for up to 100 products.